Round and round the wonderous rabbit hole. Yes, its King hybrid time again.

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Mar 17, 2013
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Dryden NY
The other day I saw a thread that was talking about powered circular wet stone sharpeners using a King 1K round stone. It inspired me to get my King 1K out again.

Yes its got short comings, its dishes quickly, it's not overly fast, it's a soaker, but man I love this stone. It likes light pressure, feels awesome and has what is for me, the gold standard of 1K edges. I think I'm up to about 12 1K ish stones now and while there are things I truly love about some of them, splash and go being the main thing, and use one or two more because of it, I cant get an edge out of them that can match the Kings keenness and bite.

Which inspired me to get out another stone which blends so well with it in hybrid edges, the King 6K. Now the 6K is an odd stone, unlike the King 4K and 8K which are both on the faster side of neutral, the 6K is slow. While their edges on their own are exceptionally keen for their grit rating and still maintain nice bite, I can never get an edge out of the 6K which blows me away except..... As as a hybrid where its about perfect.

The King 6K when used as a strop excels at creating hybrid edges of 1K ish stones, and combined with the King 1K, produces one of the best all round kitchen edges I've been able to create.

What makes it awesome is that its keenness is just under that level where the blade sticks into the board too easily, but combined with that 1K's bite makes for a very communicative cut.

Round and round and always dropping by for a little King action once in a while. My go to rack for this week is looking like this.

King 8K, 6K, 1K, Chosera 400, Shapton 220.

So good !!!!

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