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SOLD Sakai Kikumori 210mm Gyuto Nashiji Blue no.2

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Jun 13, 2021
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Montana USA
I got this Gyuto last November. It's been used very little, and only sharpened once. I love its height and beautifully fine blade profile. Has a nice walnut wa handle w/ pakka wood ferrule. It's really a lovely knife, steers straight through hard produce. I just happen to use my Toyama 210 more. From a vegan household, it's not been used on bones, meat, etc.


Weight 6.46 oz / 183 g
Blade Length 8-11/16" / 215 mm
Handle 5-5/16" / 135 mm
OAL 14-1/2" / 368 mm
Blade Height 2-1/8" / 54.5 mm
Spine Above Blade Heel 1/8" / 2.5 mm

List price is $305

$195 Shipped USPS to CONUS.
PayPal Friends/Family (or add 3%) - or - USPS MO.

PM me for details, shipping, etc.




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That is indeed a nice deal. I believe these are Matsubara, no?

I remember handling one somewhere and being very impressed with it, it was very well ground and indeed reminiscent of SS clad Toyamas except a bit more substantial and MUCH more handsome.

It is very tempting but too tall at the heel for me so I hope someone will buy this before I talk myself into it!
I really don't think they're Matsubara. I had a Matsubara 210 and it didn't steer well. Different grind. I can't really say how/why, but different. The Sakai is subtler, more refined and definitely a more nuanced perfromer. I get not everyone wants a tall gyuto, but it's what I prefer.