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SOLD Sakai Takayuki Togashi Deba remaining!

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Jan 7, 2022
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Melbourne Australia
1. Brand new Nakagawa X Myojin Damascus B1 Gyuto 240mm etched . 49mm height, 193.5g.
$550 USD/ 850 AUD

Dropped to $510 USD/ 800 AUD(SOLD!)

2.(SOLD) Hitohira Tanaka Kyuzo Migaki 240mm extra height. 56mm. 207g. Lightly used, sharpen once. Saya included.
$550 USD/ 850 AUD
Dropped to $510 USD/800 AUD

3. (SOLD)Kagekiyo Blue 1 Gyuto 240mm.(confirmed with Miura it's Tanaka Forged). 49mm. 187g. Used and Sharpened. Black Magnetic Saya included. $350 USD/ 550 AUD
Dropped to $320 USD/ 500 AUD (SOLD)

4. (SOLD) Hitohira Togashi stainless clad White 1 Sujihiki 240 mm. 37mm. 180g. I polished off the kanji, and polish isn't really well done, hence reflected on the price. $225 USD/ 350 AUD (SOLD)

5. Sakai Takayuki Togashi Blue 2 Deba 180. 52.5mm. 333g. Used once, never sharpened. No box, comes with Saya. $320 USD/ 500 AUD.
Dropped to 255 USD/400AUD

6. (SOLD)Custom ebony handles for sale. $45USD/ 70 AUD each.(SOLD)

If take all 3 for 100 USD/140 AUD

All are up for trades, $ can be topped up by either sides depending on what's for trade.

Looking for Konosuke FMs, Jiros wa handled, Takadas. Or let me know if you got anything interesting. Mostly looking for 240 gyutos, and 240-300 sujihikis. Got 1 or 2 other brand new knives that may be up for trades too.

Am in Australia. Can post overseas for a small fee depending on where you are.



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That Tanaka is impressive. PM sent. Anyone else here use the extra tall one?
Wa handles sold. NakagawaXmyojin and Togashi Deba remaining. Will do a discount to 700 USD if grab both. Cheers.
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Bump. NakagawaXmyojin B1 Damascus 240mm gyuto kurozome finish and Sakai Takayuki Togashi Deba B2 180mm with Saya no box still available.

500USD for brand new Nakagawa, 250 USD for Togashi Deba.


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