Shihan 270mm Gyuto Passaround

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Jun 21, 2020
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Hey folks. I'd like to do something special and offer a passaround a Shihan. This one is a 270mm gyuto and I am the original owner, having acquired it directly from Shehan. This Gyuto is clad with layers of antique wagon tire and pure iron with a W2 core. The handle is Madrone burl with ebony accent. It's a special knife that I absolutely love to use, and I don't think too many folks have had the chance to try one. It's an expensive knife and I'm going to be clear that participants are taking on the risk of the knife from delivery to them through on to delivery to the next person.

  1. Folks are allowed to use the knife for up to 1 week, then ship it out to the next user. Shipping cost is on the user, each person pays for shipping and full insurance ($1100).
  2. CONUS only - too risky shipping international currently (sorry friends in far away places)
  3. Everyone takes responsibility for damage - you break it, you buy it
  4. Limited to 10-12 people only, active well known or senior members. (which should take it three to four months to make the rounds)
  5. Last user sends it back to me
  6. This is wrought clad. I do not mind a patina build up at all, but try not to let it rust guys.
  7. If you sharpen it, please make sure you know what you are doing and are confident in your abilities.
  8. It is the responsibility of the current user to reach out to and coordinate with the next user and make sure they have address/etc.

Here are the specs:

Blade length: 270mm

Height: 61mm

Thickness at handle: 5mm

at midpoint: 3.6mm

at grind: 2.5mm

1cm back from the tip: 1.16mm

Weight: 312g

Comment below if you are interested in participating and your state to coordinate.

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Would love to participate, thanks!

Based in Maryland
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Would have loved to give this a spin but am based in the UK 🙁

Enjoy everyone!
I’d love to participate! I’m in Georgia.
I dont qualify as a new member, but I just had to acknowledge how cool of an idea this is.

I am also in SoCal with Gshep91. Looks like I'll be coming over to slice and dice at your house soon. Lol

Im really digging this community so far.