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WTS Shihan 52100 210, toyama 135 mukimono, cck 1301, and….

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Feb 12, 2020
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Salt Lake City, Utah
Oookay, I’ve been going a bit ham on my knife purchases lately… and I am also trying to get a trip to Thailand going to meet up with a friend who is doing an internship out there… so I’m letting go of a few knives to help myself out. All knives will come with an edge guard to help keep them safe during shipment.

First up. A shihan in 52100 215x51mm 3.75mm right out of the handle 3.6mm above choil, 3mm halfway through, 1.1mm a cm from the tip, .39mm right at the tip. 192 grams.

Great blade. I purchased this to be my line knife and I found something a bit more compact that fits my needs more less than a month after getting this. Love the grind on this and really dig the hammer pattern of this knife with the toasted ash handle. This really is a fine midweight knife that does well at just about anything, again, I just found something that suits my needs more and I want funds for other Thailand.

Price for the shihan is 350 shipped. SOLD

Next up is this cute little 135mm Toyama mukimono. Iron clad, aogami 2 core. 123x29.7mm. 2.93mm out of the handle 2.5mm before the k-tip, .33mm at the tip.
80 grams.

I LOVE this little knife. Crazy clean ura grind. Cuts like no one’s business. Classy as it gets…. I just don’t use it for much. I was doing supremes at work (which this was a total killer at), but no longer find myself doing intricate work like that anymore. This knife made me fall in love with single bevels and I will definitely purchase more single bevel knives later down the line… but it’s time for other things and to put funds into Thailand… if you’d like the handle toasted (I can send pics of some knives I’ve toasted) I can do so for an additional 5 bucks.

Mukimono is gonna go for 245 shipped.

Cck 1301. Mono carbon steel (not sure of type) 243x90mm. 3.04mm out of the handle, 2.3mm half way, and 1.4mm at the tip. 402 grams of love.

I seriously will miss this one. It was my work knife for a long time. It takes a beating, strops/sharpens easily, built in food scrape is an underrated feature imo, and the weight just helps it fall through most things. It’s too large for my current station and my latest knife purchases just work for me more. I do plan on getting a really finely crafted cleaver in the future, but the season of this 1301 for me has passed. Such a great beater knife.

Cck will go for 75 shipped.

Last knife…. Which is currently being loaned out to someone for another 2 weeks…. Is a halcyon forge 1.2519 wrought iron clad knife. I’ll upload current pics and detailed specs of it when I have it back.. but it’s approximately 190x54mm. Pics are below to show it, but again, I’ll update with the real nitty gritty details when it’s back with me.

This is a VERY hard release for me, but I am selling this to fund a Dan prendergast in a similar size because I just found myself to be infatuated with Dan’s work after trying it out (the halcyon is with the man who is lending me the DP). That and a DP is cheaper, so I’ll get to pocket a bit of money for my Thailand trip. The knife does very well for its size. I love the heel height tons for this small of a knife. Great line knife. The steel treatment is top notch. I’ve just been stropping on a Natsuya and leather, and am able to get single ply TP edges fairly easily. Joe’s heat treatment is insane.

Halcyon will leave me for the price I got it. 550 shipped, or a prendergast in a similar size (especially in the heel height range) of wrought iron clad nature and a bit of cash to make up the difference in price between the halcyon and DP.

Thanks for making it this far. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. I’ll upload more detailed pics of each knife down below.


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Shihan pics:


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Mukimono pics:


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Cck pics


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Halcyon pics (again, I will add full details and updated pictures once I have the knife returned to me)


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