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SOLD Snake sells a Spicy Nintendo Switch (mod chipped)

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May 17, 2014
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Hey all!

Well I’ve got something special and spicy here for sale today friends. I’m selling my mod chipped Nintendo Switch v2. long story made short but basically this Switch has a mod chip picofly I believe soldered into it that allows you to run custom firmware and as such homebrew games, emulators, any switch games you want for free etc…

Basically you can download switch games as .xci files from various places on the internet *cough cough* I mean from backups of your own games and load them onto the switch to play. Essentially the entire switch library is at your disposal if you know where to look. I’m including the system, dock, hdmi, charger, 512gb memory card (micro sd) all set up.

Note this is for someone that knows what they are doing with switch modding/custom firmware, it’s a heck of a deal if you know how to use it or are open to watching some YouTube and figuring it out.

Price = $300.00 shipped ConUS

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This right here is worth it just to have access to BoTW and ToTK
True that! Both of those games are outstanding. Also for reference on value of this, new Switch is $299, mod chip and the solder job is running about $130-150 from what I’ve seen unless you are really confident in your own abilities on that. Also 512gb micro sd so like $40 Let’s say $470-490 is value along with unlimited free Switch games.

Also this saves you having to ship your own Switch to a semi sketchy dude on the internet to solder in the chip ;)
I owned an unpatched Switch a while ago (before upgrading to an OLED) and wish I did something like this but wasn't aware of the homebrew scene back then. Nintendo made things more of a hassle this generation (e.g. easier times with R4 cartridge on the DS' and Micro-SD exploit with Luma on the 3DS) but plug and play with this package takes out a lot of hassle. GLWS!