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SOLD Snakes Stupid Sale part whatever we are on TF Mab Gyuto, Sakon Ryuga Nakiri and Chosera 5k throw in!

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May 17, 2014
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Hey all!

time to purge some stuff again because I’m bored and restless. Prices include conUS shipping, sorry no international. The Chosera 5k I’m lumping in with the TF Mab because it touches up the edge of that knife so well.

TF Mab WA 180mm x 49mm Gyuto tuned up and ready to rock. (Choil shot included) Thinner and bevels worked, nice darker gray kasumi and cuts like a dream. Spine and choil rounded and smoothed nicely too! Love this knife but I like westerns better so what can I say? Time for a new home. The Chosera 5k is from the baby Chosera line from KnS and missing no height, makes a perfect touch up stone and pairs well with TF steel for edges.

Sakon Ryuga 165mm Western Nakiri srs15 barely used. Was something I bought for a lady and she likes her Wustoff Nakiri better. The wustoff is worse in every way but what can I say? Some peoples taste…
anyway this is a thin nakiri with outstanding edge retention and stainless. You wanna plow through a stupid amount of prep in small places? This! Buy this. It’s a great cutter and will last for days and days. It’s a generic looking Knife that’s a wolf in sheeps clothing.

TF and Chosera = $250.00 SOLD
Sakon Nakiri = $80.00
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Price drop on the Nakiri let’s do $90.00!!

and agree with birdsfan, really nice steel and have a few other knives in it, easier to sharpen than you would think and edge retention for days, especially if you stop around 1-4k range it just lasts and lasts
OK, let's get this Nakiri sold & I can finally retire my $15 Globe special that can do everything but cut straight - just good enough I couldn't junk it, but bad enough that we've served some rather 'creative' looking veggies...

Contact via forums & do the deal?

Nice sale! I didn’t want a second nakiri also from you, so I let someone else have it. Nice looking western nakiri with some nice steel! Congrats to the buyer! Amazing buy!