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Jan 5, 2020
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Twickenham, London
This recipe was requested elsewhere on this forum so I thought I would post it up here too.

Sri Lanken Chicken Curry

2 – 3 tablespoon ghee (I make my own it's very easy and well worth it)
1 onion, chopped
6 garlic cloves minced
1 inch ginger minced
6 – 7 curry leaves or 2 bay leaves
2 ½ tbsp roasted Sri Lankan curry powder (see below)
1 cinnamon stick
½ tsp salt plus more to taste
1 tsp cayenne pepper or chili powder (less if you like it less spicy)
1 tbsp paprika not smoked or sweet paprika
2 lbs chicken, I use bone in thigh or whole cut into joints.
2 chilies, chopped
2-3 tomatoes cut into cubes
2 tsp honey
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
½ cup coconut milk
½ cup water

Sri Lanken Curry Powder

4 tbsp coriander seeds
3 tbsp cumin seeds
2 tbsp black peppercorns
2 tbsp basmati rice
1 tbsp black mustard seeds
3 tsp whole cloves
2 tsp scant, cardamom seeds
from inside the pods
1 tsp fennel seeds

*Toast the rice till light brown in pan then add rest of spices, toast until fragrant and seeds have released some of their oils, about 10-15mins. Do not allow to burn. Cool. Grind in spice grinder or pestle and mortar, can be stored in airtight container.

Add the ghee in to a large saucepan and heat the oil over medium heat. Brown chicken thoroughly, remove chicken, add onion, garlic, ginger, and bay, cook through.
Add curry powder, chili powder/cayenne pepper, paprika, cinnamon. Cook out the spices.
Add the tomatoes and once incorporated into sause re-add chicken, chili peppers, salt, 1 tsp honey, and mix. Cook for 10 minutes with the lid off on medium high heat.
Add coconut milk, water, vinegar, and bring the curry to a boil. If you want less sauce, add less liquid.
Lower the heat, and let it simmer with the lid closed, for 15 – 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season with salt to taste. The chicken should be completely cooked by this point. Taste the curry and season to taste if needed. Adjust honey, salt and vinegar to your taste, look for balance of the three. I sometimes add more coconut milk too as cans vary.
Serve with pilau rice, I cook mine with 2 cups washed and soaked basmati. Melt 1.5 tablespoons ghee in pan add 6 cracked cardamom pods, 4-5 whole cloves, 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric, 1 teaspoon salt. Add rice and fry for 1-2 minutes, add 2.2 cups water cook in rice cooker or pan with lid 15mins. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving.


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