Starting things off with a Giveaway!

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Oh yeah, so in. :ntmy: Welcome to KKF, glad to see you here, I've always liked your selection.

Be well,
I'm in!

Glad to finally see you guys on here!

Oh, and way to start things off with a bang! :D
Hey cool you guys are finally here. Welcome aboard!!

I never win these things but I'll take a stab at it. I'm in!!
Love one of these for sushi bar, I'm in!
Welcome. I'm in. Beautiful knives!
I'm in. Another place where to lose our mind :). Welcome to kkf and thanks for the opportunity.
Am I allowed to be in? If so, I'm in.
Welcome, Ivan (and co.). I apologize for my phone call, yesterday. Haha. You guys are going to be a welcome addition here.
I'm in

awesome to see more Canada on the forum!

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