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SOLD Steelport 8" Chef 52100

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Jan 27, 2020
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Steelport 8" Chef (211 x 53mm)
52100, differential treated
Stabilized maple burl handle

Fun knife, but on the short side for my tastes. I used it once for a full meal at home. The knife is done very well, could easily be an all-rounder. The grind is a very slight, thin convex. Thickness up the edge is similar to Wakui migaki, but more robust at the very edge so I'd feel comfortable beating on it without worry of damaging the edge. If you wanted to, this has potential to be super high performance if you apply a more aggressive edge. Profile is comfortable with no dead spots, and the tip is laser thin. Balance is slightly forward. There's a rainbow kind of etch on the 52100, and some banding if you look closely. I didn't notice much reactivity, but also it didnt have the drag that you often find on etched blades.

The handle is super comfortable but hard to describe. It's sorta like a heart-shape similar to Shun, being wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, but also features a coke-bottle bulge allowing for a solid grip. Thick spine at the handle which I love. The steel is rounded and eased in all the right spots where you grip; near the bolster, choil and spine. The wood and steel in the handle are smoothly transitioned with no noticable gaps or steps. If they made this in 10inch size, I'd probably get one in a heartbeat.

$275 shipped & fully insured within US (international PM for details)

Blade length: 211mm
Height at Heel: 53mm
Weight: 222g
Balance: 5mm forward from choil

Spine Thickness
Handle: 5.8mm
Heel: 4.0mm
Midpoint: 3.0mm
1cm from Tip: 0.8mm







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Could you share a balance point picture? Looks like a great knife for the price
Probably one of the most sexy handle on a production knife, wish them have a 10inch too and probably a old style chef profile, still great knife, GLWS!