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May 19, 2012
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Every two or three weeks I take some work knives and some stones home for a more loving sharpening. I like to see what has a ding or a scratch and work on them at home to relax. I have a nice knife roll but what about stones? I probably bring 3 or 4 back and forth so how does everyone carry them. Shopping bag or something really cool I don't even know about. I want a stone roll.
I wrap mine individually in shop towels and then carry them around in a sturdy bag.
I have a rectangular bucket (<$10 bucks at local hardware store) with a rather tight fitting lid--their normal storage unit--so I can keep them soaking. Oh, and a little bleach in with the earth juice to keep them from getting nasty.
Husky from Home Depot makes an open top tool tote that has eight pockets that are perfect for stones...
I found this, but its isn't for stones, knives tho.

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