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SOLD Takeshi Saji 240 Blue 2 Rainbow Damascus Western - Price reduction

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Dec 31, 2019
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Philly Suburbs
In a continuing effort to thin out my collection (and let's be honest, buy new knives to try) I am offering for sale or trade this beautiful Saji Rainbow Damascus. This knife has been used lightly, like just a few test cuts, by both me and the previous owner. The factory edge is still on it.

This is the western handled version with ironwood scales and a copper/brass toned mosaic pin. I fashioned a friction fit saya for it out of black mesquite (the closest color and grain match I could find at woodcraft) and in it I inlaid a strip of brass and copper, to match the pin and the damascus pattern of the knife.

Length 239
Height 51.5
weight 273

(height measured with a ruler as my micrometer needs a battery)

Asking $395 $350 including shipping within the ConUS. Also will entertain trades for interesting 240s. I am willing to kick in cash if your trade is of higher value.
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Beautiful knife, great job with the saya. Killer combo. Choil looks nice too... I feel like Sajis can be on the chunkier side. I'd love to have one to pair with my Saji R2 ironwood petty, but one can only own so many knives. Also, I can't afford it right now. :) GLWS
Gorgeous knife and sayafor sale, @birdsfan! I have a 240mm Karin from Saji and it's such a badass blade. I'll admit, this is really tempting me right now...
Thank you so much BT, Tyler and Hans! I really do enjoytrying new techniques with my handles/saya. The metal inlay has been challenging to get right. This is my best effort on that to date.

You know, I had heard the same thing about Saji's work, maybe I got a good one, but it really is pretty thin BTE. There isnt really any distal taper to speak of, so maybe that's where the critique comes from.