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SOLD Takeshi Saji Rainbow Damascus 240mm Gyuto in VG-10, Makassar Ebony handle

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Apr 23, 2020
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Really wanted to try a Takeshi Saji, and the rainbow damascus aesthetics was a bonus. It's very enjoyable to use, but I don't reach for it often because I'm afraid of damaging the finish, so I'm letting it go.

Purchased this from Miura Knives. I've used it 7-8 times, it still has the out-of-the-box edge, never sharpened or stropped. I rounded the spine and choil as they were uncomfortably sharp. I thought the original handle was too light for the size of blade, so I've installed a Hitohira Makassar Ebony handle on it (using hot melt glue), which balances out the knife and looks better in my opinion.

Dimensions: 239mm cutting edge, 50mm height over the heel. Weighs 179g.

Selling for $420 USD including shipping within CONUS. Comes in original wooden box.

PXL_20220313_000753909.jpg PXL_20220313_000807278.jpg PXL_20220313_000713687.jpg PXL_20220313_000724300.jpg
PXL_20220313_000742116.jpg PXL_20220313_000734259.jpg PXL_20220313_000610781.jpg PXL_20220313_000626615.jpg
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