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SOLD Tanaka Aogami Super Gyuto

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Aug 1, 2020
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Philadelphia, PA
Hey KKF!

I have for sale today and 210mm Tanaka Aogami Super “mirror polish” (signed & dated). This is a catch and release.... It’s a badass knife I’m just not sure I’ll ever get around to using it with all the recent purchases I made.

Here’s the original web listing purchased from Strata. Sakai Kikumori - Super Blue - Mirror Polish - 210mm Gyuto - No Handle - Tanaka Signed & Dated

Looking to get $550 shipped CONUS, international buyers we can have a chat if you’re interested. Priced to sell!!! I will be posting my own photos up when I get home from work, just figured I’d get the posting up while I have the time. Thanks for looking!

Also one and only reduction to $500.
If there’s no interest I’ll just keep it.😁
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Yes you are correct... does not include a handle. I was going to go the custom route with this one that’s the only reason I didn’t purchase one when I got it from strata.
Itching to try one of these and I'm in Philly too, but now isn't a good time. Best of luck with your sale!
Well since you live in Philadelphia as well I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to check it out someday!

I love catching up with the Philly Pham.