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SOLD Teruyasu Fujiwara Denka 195mm

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May 8, 2016
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SOLD - thanks KKF!

Picked this up a few weeks ago - directly from TF after several months of waiting. Recently put another order in for a 240mm as I've gravitated towards larger knives lately. This is a very nice quick and dirty type of knife - very nimble surprisingly. Grind is on the thinner side from what I've seen in the past. Balance is right where the blade meets the handle. Blade height is 48.5mm at heel.

I sharpened this once and also polished the bevels a bit - started with stones and then finished with fine sandpaper (10,000) and finally with flitz polish. I feel it helps go through food easier this way.
Asking $475 and US shipping only. Let me know if you have any questions!

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@h15sulo & @Greenbriel did you make any special requests to ensure you don't get a "bad" TF when ordering directly?
I requested basically a thinner grind as I know sometimes they come out on the chunky side. Otherwise, how do you say - please make my knife well haha? But it’s definitely thinly ground so won’t need thinning. Otherwise I think it’s a TF so not amazing fit/finish. Altho, the choil is actually rounded to my surprise and feels excellent in hand/in use.
good to know and GLWS! sorry to go a little off topic. I hope to get a TF gyuto some day and ordering directly looks like the best "economical" option
Yes I would agree, but keep in mind depending where you live, shipping costs (when I ordered the free ship was not available due to Covid somehow) and potential import fees. Still beats ordering from local vendors and their massive markups in some cases