The Best Bladesmith in Japan

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Dave Martell

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Feb 27, 2011
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Airville, PA
Interesting footage, and process, I will have to try the 2 layer thing,
Awesome! I love playing with fire and tools, and watching other craftspeople at work. I'm gonna have to take a class at a local community college to get this OCD blade monkey off my back :)
Sam, I knew you'd enjoy that.

Tom, you might just make a great bladesmith, go for it.
I tend to be a bit skeptical about claims that start with the best of...
I find that most of these claims don't hold water. It's all relative to something else.
Interesting video nevertheless.

Greetings Youtube! My name is Murray, Carter. From, Carter. Cutlery. Dot com. And. Welcome to. Thee. Series called, Carter cutlery, Japan Tour. :slaphead:

Painful listening.
Dang, I tried to watch it, but just couldn't. Only got three minutes into the self promoting and I was done. I think I will go watch Maxim polish a Yanigiba for 45 min.
:lol2:Hahaha yeah, I love the way he brands almost every sentence in everything he puts out. Even newsletters that only his fans would sign up for sound like he's trying to get you to buy into his brand.

I wonder why he considers this guy the best in Japan. He doesn't really go into what this guy does that makes him better, so perhaps it is more about honoring someone he values than actually accurately describing his status.

Either way, this video was cool to watch, and it really strikes me how Japanese Bladesmiths don't carry the same commitment to safety equipment as American smiths.
However, I do believe the best is rather subjective. Top blade smiths create equally top notch knives with marginal differences not noticeable to even the trained eye. When I ran into the Nenohi knives at I never realized that even kitchen cutlery can go upwards of $10,000-$20,000 a piece. unbelievable!!!

I could work my whole life and never experience these knives.