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Delbert Ealy

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Feb 28, 2011
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Ok let me preface this by saying that I am happily married with four kids, But I do have a bit of a jones for the marvel comics on the big screen. I've seen the previews for Thor and I must admit to some serious anticipation. :viking:
Anybody else?
Being a marvel geek as a child I was confused.Donald Blake was handicapped,I don't know what was going on in the trailer.
I'm loving all those Marvel movies. Brings all the old mental imagess to life! Looking forward to it.
Lol, I am not eagerly anticipating it, but it looks like a good take my mind off work type of flick. I am more impressed there was a suitable smiley for your post.
It is gonna be awesome, hopefully. Previews can be deceiving.
Not to mention Natalie Portman is in it. I'll watch anything she is in.
Well I was on IGN and they gave it 3 1/2 stars, (I know a movie such as that will never get 5) but from what I've seen it looks good. Odds are I'll go see it when it comes out. I'm just pleading that Captain America is better than the poor attempt that they tried some fifteen years ago and from what I've seen of that it is.
I am so pumped for Thor because of the involvement of a childhood hero of mine:

I really love that guy, he's one of my all time favorite actors.
The fact that he wehelds the hammer of the gods has to make him the top supper hero of knife smiths.
I have not read up on my mythology in years but I think the norse credit him as creating Steel as well?
I'm thinking Thor will wind up disappointing true fans. I never read Thor but it seems most Marvel based movies are lacking in story/character development, any comic based movie developer needs to take a close look at how Nolan has done the Batman series they are some of the best. I have a feeling they will skim over any background info with a loose plot to jam it full of cg effects and the audience will be left with a lot of unanswered questions. From the previews Capt America looks to be a better movie, guess we'll find out this summer.

Am I the only one Natalie Portman does nothing for, I'd take Mila Kunis over her any day.
Im still more of Angelina Jolie kind of guy, like them hot and freaky. Lara Croft need I say more.
Jolie is getting to old! Gimme Megan Fox!

take a close look at how Nolan has done the Batman series they are some of the best. I have a feeling they will skim over any background info with a loose plot to jam it full of cg effects and the audience will be left with a lot of unanswered questions.

Seriously?! Those were some of the most over-edited, hacked up, underacted piles of crap I've seen on the big screen. Now many Marvel films are not movies worth watching either(see The Incredible Hulk), but those Batman movies offered nothing. A superhero story is a simple three-act plot, the guy finds out he is a hero and who his nemesis is, then he develops his powers and realizes what is at stake with him being a hero and what the villain is plotting, the third act there is a showdown, good vs evil. You can play off it, twist it up, or stick to it--but you can't just throw a bunch of cool-looking and marketable stuff together on expensive sets, shorten every scene down to a Robot-Chicken-Style dialog soup, and have an actor die before release and call it a tour de force. Nolan's best work is still Momento--and that movie is played out backward.
Don't hate on Batman. You are the only person I have ever heard of that thinks those movies sucked. The new joker was better than Nicholson and the new story lines are more realistic than the old Keaton Batman movies. I do have to say though that Bale's voice while in costume was freakin' ridiculous.
Heath Ledger's Joker would never have existed without Jack Nicholson. Before Nicholson, the Joker was always depicted as a high-pitched, giggly clown...some kind of tweaker maniac. The creepy, harsh whisper now commonly accepted as the appropriate voice for Joker is just the naturally creepy sound of Jack Nicholson talking with emphasis.

I'm certainly not the only one who didn't jump on the hype. Give it ten years, it won't even hold up to memory. And for plots making sense or being realistic, I defer to my comedic associates,
I told my wife today that I was going to be gone on friday night, we are getting close.
I saw a bit of this movie at my friends house the other night. He downloaded a cam version of it and it looks ok. the action scenes look kinda meh, and all over the place but it should be good. I saw probably the first half hour of it

didnt get to see any parts with Natalie Portman though...
I attended the premiere last night. Overall, Thor is an entertaining movie. Not the most sophisticated plot, but you wouldn't expect that either. Cast does a good job, Natalie Portman looks marvelous as expected. This was my first time at one of the new 3-D movies (I passed on Avatar-didn't interest me at all) and I was stunned by the special effects and I think you will be too. Some really good action/battle scenes throughout the movie. Anthony Hopkins was great as Odin.

They showed a 3-D preview of Captain America and I'm very excited to see that one, I suspect it will be better than Thor.
One more day!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait, I am glad to hear about the captain america preview, bring on the popcorn, I eat all of a extra large size tub(no extra butter) all by my self

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