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Jan 30, 2018
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I ordered a knife from

Through NO FAULT OF THEIRS, the knife arrived damaged.

They IMMEDIATELY stepped up, replaced the knife (and saya) without hesitation.

Great company!

I had ordered a 350 mm DaoVua Sakimaru slicer & saya …. $109!!!!

What a bargain! I was looking for a looong slicer. At 350 mm the included saya seemed
like the only reasonable way to sheath this “mini-sword.”

DaoVua s known as a project caliber knife, with inconsistent quality. I have acquired about 6-8 of them and I am pleased. But I like to play with polishing and sharpening.

Well, this time the knife blade was a little bent, the saya was warped like a banana, and the handle was cracked. But the edge was still sharp … for an OOTB edge.

Anyway, one e-mail with photos and a personally selected and inspected replacement was in the mail to me.

When the second knife arrived I was very pleased. It was “plus grade” … well, it just seemed a little nicer than the average Dauvua.

I was told to keep the first knife. Yippiee!!!! A new knife project!!!!!!

It is nice to know that Tokushu Knife is a reputable no hassle seller.

I will certainly deal with them
in the future and do not hesitate to recommend them to everyone else!
I also ordered from them. Same knife 350mm slicer. Box came in smashed. Saya and knife is all good but the handle ferrule was cracked on mine. I messaged them about it and they offered to replace it. Since it wasn’t really a big deal to me, I just told them that im keeping it and since I want to replace the handle anyways. Legit place to buy knives. 👍🏼