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SOLD Toyama Blue 2 SS 240 Gyuto

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Apr 24, 2020
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Height: 51.5mm
Width: 4mm over heel, 2.2 mid, 1.4mm 1cm
Length: ~239mm, simple ruler hint over 9 ⅜”
Weight: 211g
Handle: ho "D" and thick (magnolia wood in oval "d" style, large grip)

$275 includes ship CONUS only.

A well-used Toyama stainless clad blue 2 gyuto. Picked this up as a project from KKF last year and spent a few sessions thinning (hand sanding) bte, but ultimately it’s not for me. Full disclosure- I stopped working on it after getting a feel for it and i think it could be optimized more. Thinning stainless is not fun. also minor tip thing- see video. I hate that i keep buying work horse-ish knives, but i lean laser or fragilish behind the edge.

Still... cuts decent, lots of power and has a way better choil than several of my past Mazakis. Could be a steal if you know what you're getting into. Work-horsey knife that feels quite heavy for it’s weight- balance point is waay forward ~2". Needs a home for someone who appreciates and can nuture the power. Can you handle it?




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