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Aug 31, 2022
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Ottawa, Canada
I've recently realized that I absolutely love tsuchime-finished knives. They look cooler than smooth knives and (hopefully) help with food release.

I went into a knife store last week and held/stroked (!) one of these, and my god was it beautiful. The hammer marks have been semi-smoothed down, so they don't catch on the knuckles at all when cutting, yet they're visually present (beauty) and still hopefully help with food release (function).





Anybody else just love tsuchime-finished knives? If so, what are your favorites?
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Yes, I really like Tsuchime too!

But what I really like about Japanese knives is the variety, the craftsmentship and the choice. You can have 10 Tsuchime Finishes and all of the look and behave different and they obv. also can be combined with other Finishes.
And the innovation that comes from Japan in terms of steels, knives etc. ❤️
Just realizing now that none of my knives have tsuchime finishes - only straight kasumi, damascus, or kurouchi. I think I’m turned off by some of the patterns that are unnatural or look roll pressed in, ie kurosaki or some cheaper Sakai Takayuki lines but I quite like stuff from Yoshikane or the Kono Sanjo line (also from yoshikane I think or from someone who trained there) like below.


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Thanks! Those prices look too steep to me though, with a 210mm gyuto being $493 USD, while a 210mm Denka gyuto can be had direct from Fujiwara for $521 USD. And that's on sale, crazy!

edit: To be fair Denka direct orders will take awhile and are a gamble on quality.
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Totally agree on the Hinoura Ajikataya tsuchime. I swear they also have a nice gradual distal taper vs. the non-tsuchime version only thinning out when it hits the primary bevel towards the tip, though admittedly I've only handled one of the non-tsuchime version.
I too like the 'fish-scale' tsuchime that Yoshikane use; I have a hakata with this finish and it stays on the magnet because it just looks too nice to use.

Most of what I read suggests that this finish - or nashiji or kurouchi for that matter - have only a very marginal benefit, if any, re food release.

As a BTW, you can keep damascus as far as I'm concerned; it seems fussy and OTT. Not to my taste!
Let me know if you're interested in an OG Katsushige Anryusen tsuchime bunka. I have one I'm letting go