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SOLD Tsukiyama Nakiri 170x56

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Dec 15, 2017
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Not one of the big names, but an interesting and extremely well made knife here. Very stiff workhorse nakiri that is exceptionally thin behind the edge. Purchased here about 6 months ago, just making room in the fun drawer for new knives and stones I have on the way.

White 2 clad in very soft iron. This is the most pleasant knife on the stones that I own. Exceptionally smooth even on stickier stones and very easy to create a keen edge. The iron is quite reactive, but settles down very quickly. 4.7mm above the heel tapering to just under 2mm at the tip. Subtly convex grind starting about a third of the way down. I followed the grind and smoothed everything out on j-nats and took it down to a zero edge. Added a relief bevel to keep things from getting too extreme. This knife has no low spots and can easily be maintained just by laying the bevel on the stones for maintenance thinning. Comes with a good, but not perfect stone-based kasumi finish Despite the 226.5g heft and total lack of flex, it goes through dense produce quite well. Softer foods basically cut themselves. Spine and choil are shockingly refined and exceedingly comfortable. The KU finish is the best I've ever seen. Does not have an original box or saya.

$175 shipped and insured - this is more than I originally paid on here, reflecting the fact that I re-handled it with a magnolia/horn half octagonal that I feel is more appropriate to the knife than the skinny ho handle it originally came with. Possibly open to trades as well for stones or knives, but be forewarned I can be needlessly particular...
Too true. I’ve got a couple naturals that feel sticky and not nice on most knives and this cladding glides across them all nicely. Sharpening this on softer finishers is utterly sublime. Great geometry too.