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SOLD Tyler has to buy a new car sale! *TANAKA WIDE BEVEL+CCK* PRICE DROP!!

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Jan 17, 2022
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Nashville, TN
Hey Guys! Got some good ones for ya…

Please message me if any of you have specific questions about these or if you’d like more measurements or photos:

Tanaka Kyuzo 240 (measures more like 230) wide bevel. Stainless clad. Absolutely STUNNING knife. Very lightly used for a total of maybe 15 mins all at home. Just some beautiful blue patina and very light marks on the kasumi from moving through ingredients. All in all an absolute Rolls Royce of a knife. Fit and finish is off the charts. The Tahei handle is absolutely incredible, feels like a fine piece of furniture in your hand. Just a very luxurious knife in general. Made by some of the best to ever do it!

Paid $650 for the knife, asking $550 PRICE DROP-$500!!!!!!! shipped CONUS… priced to sell!


Up next is a catch and release big boy from CCK. This is their “large slicer”. Carbon steel… new condition. I literally tried it on maybe 3 potatoes. Swiped it just a couple times on a SG2000 when it first arrived just to put a decent edge on it. Asking $95 shipped for this guy.———SOLD
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