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Withdrawn Unicorn Wishlist

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Apr 20, 2021
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Charlotte, NC
Following Elliot's lead, I figured I'd post all my WTBs in one place. Most of these are hard AF to come by so I'll try to be judicious with the bumpage. Except the obvious exception of the Kaiju, I'm interested in knives 225mm or less, gyutos, nakiris and santokus preferred.

Yanick Honyaki
Kono FM Fuji Kaiju
Kono Fuji Blue
Comet (I said I gave up, but dammit, I'm weak)
Dalman honyaki
Kamon Gigantoku

Thanks for looking!
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One down!

Thanks to everyone reaching out with offers and stuff. I know this is absurd, but y'all have been really cool and it's nice to be part of a community online that's so generally positive! Reminds me of the good ol' days
Been a minute, gonna bump this again. Can't edit the original post anymore but I'm changing it up slightly and only looking for the following (still 225mm or less gyutos preferred except where that's obviously not possible):

Kono FM Fuji Kaiju
Kono Fuji Blue
Kamon Gigantoku