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SOLD Wakui Kasumi Workhorse 240mm Gyuto

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Oct 25, 2022
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Z is for Zoo

298 grams

Heel height ~ 58mm
Blade length from heel ~ 243mm
5mm at the heel, ~3mm midpoint, tapers down to about 1mm (1cm before the tip)

I’ve been debating whether I should move on from this since it’s one of the best all-around J-knife packages (for the price) IMO. However, I have been tapering down in the hobby and as such, it doesn't make sense for me to keep this; especially given that I have had a crazy workhorse custom in the works.

Per Maxim, these will not be in stock again for another year.

Used about a handful of times in a home-only environment and has been leather stropped but not sharpened. I slapped on a natural finish (JNAT + uchigumori fingerstone) on the lower bevels.

Note: The backside (non-kanji) has some additional funk (for the lack of a better word) above the lower bevels. (I screwed around with another finishing-level fingerstone and was curious how it would’ve looked… no lower grit stones were used as I did not want to do something that would’ve required extensive work - e.g. super deep scratches - to fix.)

Paid about $515 after conversion fees, pricing for a quick sale @ $460 shipped CONUS.


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