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WTT Watanabe SS clad 270

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Robert Lavacca

Senior Member
Dec 7, 2019
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Haven’t been on the forum in a little bit. Hope everyone is well! I have two big guys that I don’t need anymore. I traded my executive roll for a traveling personal chef gig. Since then I have really only used smaller knives. I think these two are bigger than the cutting boards I have been using lol.

Shihan SS clad 52100 270mm from JKI
This is sadly my last shihan. This is a beast of a knife. I never mistreated any of my knives at all, but I always try to thin as I go. I was working ridiculous hours and never put the time in to make them pretty. I love this knife. It has a great profile and this steel is just awesome. Comes with a matching edge guard. With a little love this could easily be beautiful again for the guys that care about that stuff.
270 MM length
59 MM height
4 MM spine

Watanabe SS clad 270
Another monster. Awesome knife. Same deal as the shihan. A little love and it can look beautiful again for the guys that care.
270 MM length
58 MM height
4.5 MM spine

I’m not going to pretend these guys are brand new out of the box because they are not, but they have tons of life left in them. I think I literally sharpened both maybe 6-8 times.
Shihan $600 shipped CONUS
Watanabe $400 shipped CONUS

I’m completely open to discussing trades:
Yoshikane SKD 210 gyuto/other profiles
210 Suji SS clad or semi stainless
180 petties SS clad or semi stainless
Shihan smaller gyutos/210 petties
TF nashiji/mab


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More photos


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My 2c, those older Shihan grinds would benefit from a little thinning behind the edge. Seems like this is one where some hard work's already been done.
I’ve never really had any problems. I’ve been using his knives for a year or so and I absolutely love them so this is not an insult or anything towards him. I will say, when I first got the knife, looking at the choil, I didn’t think it would cut as well as it did. Boy was I wrong. If I cooked more at home, I would keep both of these. I just don’t want them sitting. Would love to finally try his AEB-L.
Shihan sold.

I’m dropping the Watanabe to $380 shipped CONUS. Highly doubt any 270 toyama or wats are out there for that price.
Open to trades

Yoshikane, TF, sukenari, shihan stainless, any other semi-stainless. SS clad.
210 gyutos
180-210 petty/sujis
Open to trades. 180-210 long petties/sujis or 210-225 gyutos. Semi stainless or ss clad.

I should just order a tf 210 mab suji already lol.