what grit whetstone for polishing?

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Sep 12, 2021
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i have two SG2/R2 knives and I was told to get a polishing whetstone for touch ups and well. polishing. I currently only have a 1k grit shapton stone. what else should i get?
Circa 3K works well for SG2. I use a Naniwa 3k (really around 4k) which gives a nice edge.

Don't go to 3k until you can get a good edge off your 1k stone. Then use only light pressure with your 3k. A fine stone is for polishing an already sharp edge apex. It should only require light pressure coming off a 1k (you may need more pressure if doing a touch up on 3k only).
What kind of knives? What do you use them for, mostly? Do you have carbon knives you take to a higher polish? I ask because I think R2 can take a finer polish, if you're so inclined. But 4K is a great working edge for a wide range of jobs.