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Mar 1, 2011
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:soapbox: OK, is this some kind of plot to ruin my mojo? Where the hell is spring??? Look at this crap! Saw the first geese flying north today, poor buggers turned around and headed back to Florida! Where can I send this stuff? :angry1:

OK, I'm done venting now...
move to LA... we dont have that problem :poke1:

Also, i promise i'd buy more knives if you were here ;)
What are you talking about? It's HERE:


It was 72 today, gonna be 81 tomorrow. Come on down! (Bring knives.)
That sucks... Oh well, its just around the corner I'm sure, got a ground hog to have a word with though!
Pierre, don't you just hate these middle of winter beach picture posting guys?
Yes, yes I do, but hey, I know where to get a nice cold beer, and I don't have to pay to keep it cold!

Truth be told, we had a wicked wind storm for the last couple days, this is the result, a snow drift across a 2 lane road!
Pierre, it's a balmy 37 deg F here in DC area right now. Pack up your swimming trunks and head on down for a visit!

Oh, and maybe bring some knives to cover room and board... :cool2:
We had our 1st 60º day of the year today. Only had 28 rainy days this month!
Calling for rain possible snow and I have tickets to Phillies home opener tomorrow, why couldn't it be 70 and sunny