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Jun 21, 2022
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Hilton head, sc
Looking at a Denka gyuto 210mm. The price from Fujiwara in Japan is 57k yen (about $350 us). However to buy from a US dealer prices online are from $599-$899. Shipping from Japan is about $30.

Why would I buy from a US company and not directly from the knifesmith?

What am I missing?
Because the value of Yen dropped to the rock bottom in 2022, you can always buy directly from them, the downside is if anything is wrong with the blade any return is gonna be messy, the communication with certain makers are not as easy as others. You can also buy from Japanese vendors that uses Yen like Miura or Tsubaya. That being side, the Japanese makers and vendors are also taking actions, some has already raised their price to match their old pricing.
Definitely a crap shoot buying direct with TF. Could get a good one, might get one that needs work. It’s also a 3+ month wait. Or at least that’s what they told me when I ordered a 210 Denka last month. The price is worth the risk to me though.
I ordered directly from TF because of the savings. Even choosing to pay for expedited shipping, the knife still cost less than what I was seeing in BST and much less than what US dealers were charging. It only took a few weeks to get the knife.

I am happy with the quality of the knife I received. I approached the whole ordering process as an adventure and decided I'd just roll with whatever curves might get thrown my way. It worked out fine and I love my Denka. I would not hesitate to order directly from TF again. I probably will... I already have the itch for a 240.
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I totally agree with all the above statements. It is a bit of a crapshoot. But, I have to give credence to their reputation. Also, I can handle some grief when I’m spending $400 vs $1000. Also the fact that I bought 3 knives, so the savings is quite substantial. I will have to wait 2-3 months, but that will make it a nice Christmas present to me. Lol