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Still Plays With Blocks
Feb 28, 2011
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DSC_0096.jpgLoaded up 44 boards in the van this afternoon so we can go to the other shop I work with to have them sanded on his wide belt sander. :drool: I wish I could afford one myself but renting time is much less expensive.

Love the extra smilies Dave!:ggodjob:

Looks great! That's a ton of boards. Do any of these happen to be from the sale? I don't know how backed up you are at the moment, but I that would be super fast...

Looks like you killed a few maple trees again, David :)

StephanFowler - Yours is in there!

chuck239 - Several are sold and finally I will have some back stock available for sale.

apicus9 - Just call me the tree slayer. LOL!

Of the 44, most are maple, a few cherry and walnut and for those with very sharp eyes, there are three mahogany boards. A lady called and just had to have a mahogany board so I was able to purchase some from my supplier. I was able to make the boards but there were so many checks and cracks I ended up throwing away about a third of what I bought. If the available stock gets better I will have more available for sale.
The ones on the right look familiar! So cool to get a glimpse at the process. Thanks for posting!
Our kitchen should be done before the ECG. Hopefully my wife will see a board there she likes, as we'll have plenty of counter space to add another one.
David, you will be saving some for the ECG, right?