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Apr 5, 2022
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So, I have been popping small videos of craftsman @ work in other places, and thought it could be nice to have a thread dedicated solely to that.
OK - here is the start:

@ work

小刀職人 | Kogatana Blacksmith | 長池廣行​

Starring : HIROYUKI Nagaike

Quite a few knife nerds enjoy kogagtana/kiridashi. Here is a nice portrait, and as usual alongside the techniques there are some historical insights.

Two of my favs for vastly different reasons

I've had a huge amount of respect for both makers, for different reasons—both skilled, both have their admirers and happy customers. Already have a K. Kato, think it would be fun to try a C. Miller—never held a C. Miller in person. I just love kitchen knives, open to trying anything. Brooklyn yeah!
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@ work featuring


A couple of sword smiths working in Ome, Tokyo, Japan. They produce blades using their own tatara iron manufacturing process.

Extreme mis-firing on the auto translate! but some insights into the work processes.

[Infiltration] Sakai Knife|Shotaro Nomura [Japan's number one sharpener]​

A longer film which the maker says you can enjoy while drinking - so, there you have it 🙃🍺🍻🍷