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WTS /WTT: Radiona Breg, Goldeband, Migoto shinogi, Skye Eilers, HVB, Spåre

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Jun 6, 2019
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I recently took inventory of the collection and realized I've picked up more knives over the past several months than I really meant to. With a couple customs in the works and a really strong core lineup I figured it's time to move these on. Unless otherwise noted, these have been used at home and touched up on high grit stones (BBW or similar).

The Spåre and Migoto are available for cash sales, while the Goldeband and HVB are trades only. Currently interested in the following makers (ideally heavy midweight to workhorse and not crazy expensive):
  • Tsourkan WH
  • Bidinger
  • Milan
  • Northside
  • Lucid
  • Comet
  • Suntravel
  • Anything wrought-clad ApexUltra
Onto the knives--status and basic stats here, pics and details in the posts below. Sale prices include PP G&S and CONUS shipping, happy to discuss alternative payment methods and/or international shipping in PMs.

🟥 Radiona Breg full tang ApexUltra wrought clad gyuto (235x64, 244g) - $470 sale / $450 trade sold

⬜ Goldeband 1.2519 Damascus hidden tang western (239x55, 236g) - $575 withdrawn

🟥 Migoto shinogi (Tanaka x Nomura) blue 1 gyuto (231x52, 212g) - $365 sale / $350 trade sold

🟥 Skye Eilers Tamashii AEB-L gyuto (225x56, 194g) - $270 sale / $260 trade traded

🟩 Hunter Valley Blades 52100 gyuto (250x59, 318g) - $500, trades only

🟩 Spåre MCX 1.2419 bunka (183x53, 155g) - $260 sale / $250 trade
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Radiona Breg full tang ApexUltra wrought clad gyuto (235x64, 244g)
Catch and release from BST. Tons of character and polishing potential in the wrought, good cutter, ApexUltra steel... but too tall at the heel for me sadly. Would love to try another Radiona Breg in dimensions/profile that suit me better. Semi friction fit saya included.


Goldeband 1.2519 Damascus hidden tang western (239x55, 236g)
Definitely the prettiest knife I've owned and a great performer to boot. Really comfortable handle that plays nicely with the pointy profile. Nails the tricky combo of good distal taper and forward balance. In addition to the dammy cladding the core steel has some wavy alloy banding brought out by the dark etch (though note that the etch has faded near the edge in a few spots). Only posting because I hesitate to use such a gorgeous piece, which is a shame. Saya w pin included.




Migoto shinogi (Tanaka x Nomura) blue 1 gyuto (231x52, 212g)
This was on my to-try list for a while as a Hail Mary attempt to find a wide bevel I might click with. Alas, nice knife but wide bevels still aren't my thing. Nice heft as a Sakai 240 goes. Lightly sharpened on a SP2k. Purchased here recently with a small chip at the heel, condition unchanged, as pictured below.





Skye Eilers Tamashii AEB-L gyuto (225x56, 194g)
Bought from Skye's mass drop a few months ago. If you want a sturdy, performant stainless midweight ~225 for under three bills I can't think of anything better. 3mm spine holds thickness about 2/3rds of the way out to give it a bit of forward balance. Nice versatile profile. Micarta and G10 handle. Includes kydex friction fit saya.



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Hunter Valley Blades 52100 gyuto (250x59, 318g)
Just in time for Fatty February or whatever we're calling it, a big badass heavyweight workhorse with a high-performance convex grind. Cool two-tone horn and gidgee handle. Surprisingly well balanced, which makes the weight pretty manageable. Probably will be pretty picky about what I'd let this go for.




Spåre MCX 1.2419 bunka (183x53, 155g)
Previously posted, withdrew, realized I'm still not using it much. Everyone knows Spåre makes good stuff, this is no exception. Very nice bunka for bunka-sized jobs, nice fine tip. Second owner, sharpened once or twice by me.



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You’re killing me Tim! The HVB was in my hands for a short time and it’s a true behemoth in the best possible way. And that radiona is a total gem…. The migoto was mine once upon a time and I miss having Tanaka’s blue 1 in my kit… all of these are total stunners and I am so upset I am so broke right now. Killer deals.
Here’s 2 vids of the HVB to show food release on potato and also a nice little shallot action.

I’m ready to buy that Radiona, if nothing comes up in your trades.
Radiona sold, and safe to say that if I ever decide to do a straight sale for the Goldeband I've got a long line of potential buyers.

Nibbles on the rest but nothing spoken for. My inbox got fairly slammed and I had an unexpectedly busy week so if I didn't get back to you my apologies - feel free to ping anything I missed on knives still available back up.