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Withdrawn Yellow Suita

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Nov 27, 2021
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I bought this stone intending to use it as a finishing stone in a polishing progression but it was a bit difficult for me to use to I'd like to sell it. It slurries readily under a diamond plate and doesn't feel super hard but is just a little bit too hard to polish easily, at least for me. A more experienced polisher may have an easier time. Has su voids and the lines can be felt which can lead to scratches during polishing but if you can avoid them it leaves a clean finish with a shiny core, and using the stone without slurry gives a pretty killer edge and it's been my finishing stone of choice for yanagiba. Both top and bottom are usable, the bottom isn't 100% flat yet but can still be used. It looks like there was a stray saw cut on the bottom right side that I chose to leave in order to maintain the stone height. The bottom is pretty clean and I actually liked using that side more. Stone is around 9k grit, mine is unknown. I think this stone would be really excellent for tools or maybe even razors when used clean. Dimensions: 189x76x25-30. I will check the weight later today, forgot to do that while taking pics

This is my first time selling a stone so any questions/picture requests are of course welcome
Asking $220 shipped CONUS, international I can pitch in, feel free to message




With atoma slurry:


Will not have internet mon-wed next week, so last shipping day will be Saturday until I get back. Thanks for looking
For the level of refinement on offer the contrast seems really good. Also seems like this leaves a really nice staticky finish with good color on the steel. I bet someone will like this one a lot, GLWS
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Thank you! It does leave nice contrast and brightens the core easily, a little bit of nagura slurry helps to get a darker finish on the cladding. This stone's grown on me a bit the longer I've had it, and I would keep it just for the edges alone if I didn't have another stone that left me with an even more refined edge, but this one is pretty great for single bevels. Was my go to finisher for yanagiba and deba for a while

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