Yoshikane SKD Gyuto OR Hatsukokoro Yoshikane SKD Semi Stainless Clad Gyuto OR Hatsukokoro SKD Gyuto Stainless Clad Nashiji Finish, by Yoshikane

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Feb 12, 2022
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Could you help me please, I am hesitating between theses 3 knives in 21cm

Yoshikane SKD Nashiji 210mm Gyuto​

https://thesharpchef.co.uk/collections/skd-nashiji/products/yoshikane-skd-nashiji-210mm-gyuto-knifeBlade Thickness: 3.6mm
Weight: 159g

Hatsukokoro by Yoshikane SKD Steel Nashiji Semi Stainless Clad Gyuto 210mm/ 240mm/ 270mm​

https://knivesandstones.us/collecti...i-semi-stainless-clad-gyuto-210mm-240mm-270mmwidth at spine above heel : 4.0
weight : 156g

Hatsukokoro SKD Gyuto 210/240/270mm with Stainless Clad Nashiji Finish, by Yoshikane​

https://knivesandstones.us/collecti...ekiri-skd-gyuto-stainless-clad-nashiji-finishwidth at spine above heel : 4.0
weight : 186g

I am not sure which one might be the best for me, which interrogaton should I ask myself?
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I am sorry, it seems the first link was not right
Seems, when I made the copy of theses links something happenend

I am sorry for that, this is totally incomprehensible : I edited the first link

Thank you for your help, it's really nice from you and long live to this amazin' forum !!
Triplet lol


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Thanks a lot
you know, I had asked about all this cause in the past I was on the same case and I made a wrong choice, I thought ahhhh they are all the same, seems I was totaly wrong this time, lol
so now I Prefer to ask ahahah

so, okidoki thx, I will buy one of this list asap
I would get one from knives and stones with an upgraded handle, probably the stainless clad with blonde ferrule and ebony handle.
The Hatsukokoro by Yoshikane are produced by Hatsukokoro to Yoshikane’s specs, so in theory they should be the same as the straight Yoshikane-branded versions. I agree with @gentiscid - just get the one that’s cheapest and most convenient, or has your preferred handle.
As said by others the only difference is in the handle. Personally I'd lean strongly towards buying at K&S and fitting it with a handle (and saya) of choice.
I understand
thanks for the help, you are nice with me!

I have found someone else I didnt knew about, I think I would rather for such direction to give a try =)

Yoshikane Nashiji SKD Kiritsuke 210mm​

I have this k-tip Yoshi in the hammered finish. It's a fantastic cutter, but be aware that the tip is exposed and delicate. In general the prevailing wisdom with k-tips is not "if" the tip will get damaged, but "when". Sure enough, I managed to drop mine and bent the tip - I managed to get it mostly straight but it still shows a slight kink; cuts just fine though and doesn't bother me in use.
Since you @Emilio_Goncalvez are from Malta I would strongly advice you to not order from the US.
You know you will have to pay Vat and custom duties right? Also shipping is the most expensive from the US. It's pretty much never worth it to get something from the US.
If you want to order something from KnS to Europe, order from their Australian main site.
Yoshi in Europe Yoshis
Do you notice any performance difference with the nashiji vs tsuchime versions?
Not hugely if I'm honest.
I found tsuchime easier to grip, nashiji is fairly polished and a bit slick. But nashiji looks better.

The biggest diff is the black.damascus. I've had two, and both were thinner, more of a pure cutter. The high polish also makes it release wet veg a bit easier.
Oh wait only 3! But I’ve had as many as 5 at once…
FWIW these have my favorite handles. Grippy texture, crisp corners, lots of grip in hand for stability if you like that kind of thing. Sold out now but maybe something to keep an eye on if you like yours
That's the one I have too. Great handle. I gladly spent the $16 more at Carbon for the handle over CKTG. One day I'll get a tsuchime. Just amazing knives.

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