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  1. J

    SOLD Wa Fujiwara Maboroshi Bunka 165mm

    This one is for the TF cultists and enthusiasts … or anyone who loves high quality, low maintenance W1 knives (with character)! Comes with a unique and tasteful handle that is a riff in the standard wa handle but with much more elegance and interest (in my opinion). Purchased this easily (it...
  2. SylvainM

    Passaround - SylvainM - C-Grind Bunka

    Hi all, As this is now a couple of weeks I hang on this forum I realize how much skills there are around here. This sounds a great opportunity to get feedback on my work, as this is probably the best way to improve ! Therefore I'd like to organize a passaround. This one will be restricted to...
  3. fritzdakitzla

    Knife ID

    Hey folks, does anybody recognize any of these brands/smiths of one of these three bunkas? Sorry for the bad resolution, these are not my pictures
  4. 1

    WTB Looking for Takeda 215x60 bunka/kiritsuke

    Takeda kiritsuki preferred, or similar. I need good height, 60ish. That 180 posted is just a tad too small. 215-225 would be best for me. Please pm if you can part with one.
  5. OxysKnives

    SOLD Bunka DI103-MP, 63HRC *NY Clearance*

    Following the AUS passaround, I am clearing the remaining knives intended for this year Sydney knife show at a hefty discount to the forum members. These knives are absolute beasts and must find their homes. A bunka inspired geometry. Core is from DI103-MP; Ukrainian PM high speed tool steel. A...
  6. C

    SOLD Yu Kurosaki Bunka 165mm SG2 Hammered. Like New.

    Beautiful Yu Kurosaki 165mm Bunka Senko SG2 Hammered. F&F impeccable. In original box. Owned only a month, almost no use. Like-new, OOTB sharp. Over bought Kurosaki knives. Handle: Shitan Rosewood with red Honduras ferrule Height at heel: 42mm Spine: 2.0mm Weight 118g $210 shipped CONUS
  7. U

    My very first knife

    Hi guys, I've just moved in a new house with a new kitchen and a new chapter of my life have begin. I would like to make a present to myself, a new kitchen knife. At the moment I own a knife set from zwilling and a Santoku from Kai shun (I know that you're not into the santoku 😂). Reading this...
  8. cantdecidewhichone

    Review: Masakage Koishi Bunka 170mm with Aogami Super

    I'm a casual home cook, mostly Korean, Italian, Argentinian, and American food. Had a Tojiro DP set that needed updating. Got the Japanese knife itch and can't seem to stop researching. Masakage Koishi AS Bunka 170mm Purchased over: Nigara SG2 Kurouchi Tsuchime 180mm, Makoto Kurosaki SG2...