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  1. J

    210mm Pro chef Knife Recommendation

    LOCATION What country are you in? Singapore, would be willing to pay for shipping from other country KNIFE TYPE What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)? 210mm Gyuto. Would prefer something like a...
  2. Franonymous

    What do you think about this edge out of the box?

    Hello! I recently purchased my first two knives. One of them is the Tsunehisa Gyuto 210mm. However, I noticed that the sharpening on it out of the box was a bit off. Comparing it to some photos I've seen online, it appears to be slightly oversharpened (especially on the left side), resulting in...
  3. B

    WTT Takamura Uchigumo 210mm for Takamura Hana 180/210mm

    Hi All, Looking to trade knife purchased from below thread to a wa handled version: Great seller, knife as described Purchased...
  4. S

    Hello guys any suggestion for a decent Utility knife?

    Hey guys I literally fell in love with handmade knives recently. I am looking for a nice handmade utility knife that's around 120mm to 135mm. I am a professional pastry cook, so I process fruits everyday. I really like to purchase a good utility knife. I don't really need any other knives for my...
  5. K

    WTB konosuke hd2 gyuto western 240mm or Western 240 laser

    Good day I want buy a konosuke hd2 gyuto western 240mm or western handle 240mm gyuto that is a laser Thanks
  6. R

    Chinese cleaver catagories

    from what i knew there are 3 types of Chinese cleavers #1 bone cleaver #2 multipurpose cleaver #3 a vegetable cleaver a Chinese chef told me there is another type of cleaver called "Mulberry Knife/cleaver" what do you know about this? what is the difference between a "Mulberry Knife/cleaver"...
  7. R

    do you use your guiding hand as a claw and guide the knife when using a petty knife or pairing knife or other small knife on the board ?

    do you use your guiding hand as a claw and guide the knife when using a petty knife or pairing knife or other small knife on the board ? i do that only with a big knife like the chefs knife or a cleaver , with small knives i keep my claw behind the knife and do not make contact becaus the knife...
  8. 1

    Recommend me a Nakiri knife

    Looking for a nakiri. I'm not sure what steel i want but I am open to hearing your suggestions for what steel is good for nakiris for chopping veggies and fruits. The only thing I do know is that i strongly prefer western/yo style handles with wood. Im going to link some nakiris here that ive...
  9. 1

    Thoughts on Global knives?

    i was looking at this flexible fillet knife by Global and wanted to ask about what everyone thinks about global knives. Says it uses its signature CROMOVA 18 steel while this one is flexible.
  10. B

    Damascus Steel Knife to Celebrate PhD

    Hey everyone! I just finished my PhD in metallurgy/battery science. For my research, I worked on laminated metal composite materials and used them to make high-energy batteries. I love cooking, and specifically want a Damascus steel chef knife to celebrate (a laminated metal composite). Not...
  11. L

    SOLD **PRICE DROP** Konosuke knife sale

    Selling my Konosuke HD2 240mm gyuto with custom taihei rosewood handle. Purchase 5 months ago brand new. Has been been taken out of my roll 10 times and light used for vegetable work. $450 CAD. Buyer pays for shipping. konosuke with western handle not for sale. Just for your enjoyment.
  12. Logan A.

    SOLD (Price drop) Hinoura Stainless clad Aogami #2 270mm Gyuto

    Length: 270mm Height: 51mm Weight: 228g Thickness at heel: 2.8mm Thickness middle: 2.4mm Stainless clad aogami #2 gyuto. It’s been sharpened once and has been used to cook probably about a dozen dinner at home. Nothing crazy. One or two small scratches on the Kasumi finish from sharpening, but...
  13. Beau Nidle

    225mm stainless damascus gyuto

    Nice knife that really I'm only selling because of a mix-up in my Damascus order from VegasForge. I ordered fireball and got raindrop. Anyway, specs: 225mm length 49mm height 230grams VegasForge Damascus, stainless (AEB-L and 302, same as used by Devin Thomas in his stainless damascus)...