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  1. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD Msicard Cutlery 215mm MagnaCut Gyuto

    Hello All, I finished up a batch of MagnaCut knives yesterday all roughly the same size, here's #1 Blade: 217mmx55mm MagnaCut (63hrc) medium belt finish Neck: 20mmx18mm Handle: Birdseye maple and walnut, oil finished and waxed POB: 32mm from the handle Spine: 2.5mm at the handle, 2.12mm...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 215mm MagnaCut Gyuto

    Hello All, I meant to get this one out last week but ended up catching a cold, but better late than never. It's thin, lasery, and should be a good little performer. Blade: 214mmx52mm MagnaCut (63 hrc) belt finish Neck: 20mmx15mm Handle: Leopardwood and walnut, oil finished and waxed POB...
  3. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 215mm MagnaCut Gyuto

    The first of a recent batch... Blade: 215mmx52mm MagnaCut (63 hrc) belt finish Neck: 19mmx18mm Handle: Leopardwood and walnut, oil finished and waxed POB: 25mm from the handle Spine: 2.41mm at the handle, 2.05mm at halfway, .51mm 1cm from the tip Grind: flat to convex RH bias Weight: 140g...
  4. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 230mm MagnaCut Gyuto

    Hello All, This is my first on-custom MagnaCut blade in a while, and it has a profile I don't think I've ever made outside of customs either. It's very thin with good convexity and it's nail flexing at the edge. The neck is flush fit with the end of the handle for a smooth transition and the...
  5. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 250mm MagnaCut+304 Stainless San-Mai Sabatier Styled Chef Knife

    Hello all, As part of my (slow) ongoing experimentation with high alloy san-mai, I made a bilet of stainless clad MagnaCut earlier in the week. Right from the onset this blade was challenging to make, and even the grinding was no exception. It fought me all the way (at one point developing 2...
  6. Racheski

    WTB Meglio Knives 8'' MagnaCut Satin Offset Fillet

    Sold out on Meglio website; it is a longshot but maybe a KKF member has one for sale. Link to knife: 8 in Magnacut Satin Offset Fillet
  7. ptolemy

    Where in USA to buy Magnacut or Rex121 Billets?

    I am trying to help out a Andrei Markin (Markin Knives) to purchase some Magnacut and Rex121 billets (if it's the right word). I googled some places that sell it, but I never heard of them, so I am hoping for some reliable recommendations from our community. Thank you in Advance
  8. mengwong

    MagnaCut passaround [LIVE]

    Would any knife steel nerds like to try out as a passaround? Good opportunity to check out @MSicardCutlery’s work… I’d be happy for people to spend a week or two with the knife. Put it to the test re edge retention, just no brass nails please. Please snap before/after photos upon arrival and...
  9. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 180mm MagnaCut + Maple Gyuto

    The last of the MagnaCut gyuto of this batch. Blade: 180mmx47mm CPM MagnaCut (63-64 HRC) 320 grit hand finish Neck: 18mmx15mm Handle: 131mmx 25.9mmx24.4mm tapering to 22.9mmx19.4mm, maple, oil finished POB: 15mm from handle Spine: 2.67mm at the neck, 1.84mm at 9.7cm, .78mm 1cm from the tip...