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  1. Racheski

    WTB Meglio Knives 8'' MagnaCut Satin Offset Fillet

    Sold out on Meglio website; it is a longshot but maybe a KKF member has one for sale. Link to knife: 8 in Magnacut Satin Offset Fillet
  2. ptolemy

    Where in USA to buy Magnacut or Rex121 Billets?

    I am trying to help out a Andrei Markin (Markin Knives) to purchase some Magnacut and Rex121 billets (if it's the right word). I googled some places that sell it, but I never heard of them, so I am hoping for some reliable recommendations from our community. Thank you in Advance
  3. mengwong

    MagnaCut passaround [LIVE]

    Would any knife steel nerds like to try out as a passaround? Good opportunity to check out @MSicardCutlery’s work… I’d be happy for people to spend a week or two with the knife. Put it to the test re edge retention, just no brass nails please. Please snap before/after photos upon arrival and...
  4. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 180mm MagnaCut + Maple Gyuto

    The last of the MagnaCut gyuto of this batch. Blade: 180mmx47mm CPM MagnaCut (63-64 HRC) 320 grit hand finish Neck: 18mmx15mm Handle: 131mmx 25.9mmx24.4mm tapering to 22.9mmx19.4mm, maple, oil finished POB: 15mm from handle Spine: 2.67mm at the neck, 1.84mm at 9.7cm, .78mm 1cm from the tip...