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  1. J

    SOLD Wa Fujiwara Maboroshi Bunka 165mm

    This one is for the TF cultists and enthusiasts … or anyone who loves high quality, low maintenance W1 knives (with character)! Comes with a unique and tasteful handle that is a riff in the standard wa handle but with much more elegance and interest (in my opinion). Purchased this easily (it...
  2. J

    Withdrawn Tetsujin Nakiri or Santoku

    Hi everyone, this time I am after a smaller Tetsujin, either a Nakiri or Santoku with kasumi finish. Looking for a friend. Strong preference for BNIB and not fussed about the handle. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg, as these are widely available. Prefer somewhere that can ship to...
  3. PasDeChance

    Moritaka Santoku ID

    Hi :D Here's a old santoku blade from Moritaka that I've bought in a set of vintage knives I wanted to know if someone could tell me something about it ? Steel, when it could have been forged ? Thanks :)
  4. KasumiJLA

    SOLD MSicardCutlery x JLA - Santoku, AEB-L, Migaki, 170mm, 64HRC, Custom handle

    Here is the latest collaboration with my Canadian colleague Matt Sicard! The blade I ordered Matt 6 Santoku and I wanted a stainless steel capable of giving it in the kitchen in terms of performance and we agreed to choose AEB-L. Matt really like to make laser grind and believe me this one is...
  5. auros105

    SOLD [Price Drop] Tetsujin Blue 2 Kasumi 180mm Santoku

    Some stuff went down with purchases over at K&S Australia so now I'm left with this knife. I'm a fan of stainless knives so I'm going to sell this knife for what's it worth. Totally BNIB never cut anything but I changed the handle to this triple ringed black handle. Asking for 300 AUD +...
  6. KasumiJLA

    SOLD MSicardCutlery x JLA - Honyaki Santoku, W2 steel, 195mm, 65HRC - Hand polish & custom handle

    The first knife from the collaboration between me and Matt Sicard is now available! The blade The first knife from our collaboration that we are offering is a 195mm Santoku in w2 steel. To own a honyaki blade from Matt with the same geometry, it's simply pure pleasure. I still marvel at...
  7. cwk.v

    SOLD Yu Kurosaki Knives (Gyutos + Santoku)

    Trying to thin out my Yu Kurosaki collection to clear space for some new knives! - Yu Kurosaki Shizuku SG2 240mm Gyuto - SOLD -- Like new, used to prep one meal before deciding I didn't need it. Bought from District Cutlery - $350 - Yu Kurosaki Cobalt Special Raijin santoku 165mm - Turquoise...
  8. O

    SOLD TF nashiji santoku 165 mm

    Really nice affordable TF really closer to bunka… W1 in excellent condition. Asking $150 shipped to CONUS.
  9. 1

    How to touch up a japanese knife?

    So, I talked to Jon, the owner of Japanese Knife Imports in california, and he told me that ceramic honing rods aren't good for your knife. I forget exactly why but he was pretty passionate about it and went into specifics that went over my head. So my question is, what's the best way to touch...
  10. 1

    Takamura VS Miyabi? Help me decide

    looking to pick up either a Takamura SG2 santoku, or a Miyabi mizu SG2 santoku. Help me decide? Both use SG2 steel and are around the same price. im leaning more towards the miyabi because its much heavier. (226g) vs the takamura which is only 147g. The miyabi also looks so much better to me...