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  1. J

    First ~3 synthetic stones

    I have caved to pressure from forum members to sharpen my own knives (in truth, I have been encouraged by kind members who messaged me with guidance and supportive words). I know that 'recommend me beginner stones' has been done to death, and that nobody wants to rehash what has already been...
  2. 3am_BowlOfCereal

    WTS Stones for sale! Stones for sale!

    Hi everyone, I ve got some stones taking up some room that don't use anymore White -yoshihiro toshi 8k whetstone ($50) Pink -shapton ceramic 5k splash n go ($30) Green shapton - (SOLD)
  3. ABranson

    WTS NANIWA Aotoshi 2K Green Brick 70$

    NANIWA big green brick. Barely used. Used with care and cleaned. Nice and flat. Original box. 70+ shipping US only. Gotta buy a house! Selling what I don’t use. A very fun stone to finish on.
  4. Apocalypse

    WTS Some special stones

    Again, need funds towards a new home Ohira Tomae - $550 Yaginoshima Asagi Tomae - $1800
  5. Pikehaus

    Shapton Glass

    There is a lot of knowledge here about the SG stones from some very knowledgeable people. However, there seems to be contradictory opinions out there. Some say it's slightly softer than the Kuromakus. Some say it's softer than the Naniwa pros and on the softer side of SNG stones. I have even...
  6. 1

    any reason to get a whetstone higher than 3000?

    i have a 1000 and 3000 grit... theres a sale for stones on mtckitchen and i was wondering if theres any others i should get. Most people said going beyond 3000 even for my sg2 knives is pointless. Anyone have an opinion if i were to get another one?
  7. ModRQC

    Kitayama 8K Base Removal

    How to remove a sharpening stone from a plastic base Primary inspiration - thanks @Michi. I removed both a Suehiro (Cerax/Ouka) flat white plastic base and a Rika wooden base this way. Not all ovens are the same which is the most uncertain part of the whole procedure. I'd say just some gradual...
  8. Matus

    Quick comparison: Nanohone 200, Bester 220, Shapton Glass 220 and Shapton Pro 120

    Edit: I have added comparison of Pro 120, Bester 220 and Nanohone 200 in the post #23 Since I somehow managed to hoard several very coarse stones I though that a quick comparison could be of interest. To show how the stones actually work I made a video (sorry, it is 13 minutes long - brevity is...