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  1. ModRQC

    Kitayama 8K Base Removal

    How to remove a sharpening stone from a plastic base Primary inspiration - thanks @Michi. I removed both a Suehiro (Cerax/Ouka) flat white plastic base and a Rika wooden base this way. Not all ovens are the same which is the most uncertain part of the whole procedure. I'd say just some gradual...
  2. Matus

    Quick comparison: Nanohone 200, Bester 220, Shapton Glass 220 and Shapton Pro 120

    Edit: I have added comparison of Pro 120, Bester 220 and Nanohone 200 in the post #23 Since I somehow managed to hoard several very coarse stones I though that a quick comparison could be of interest. To show how the stones actually work I made a video (sorry, it is 13 minutes long - brevity is...