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  1. Martyfish

    Comparison Review: SylvainM Passaround Knife

    Introduction I took part in a passaround from @SylvainM and wanted to post a review here as well as in the passaround thread. I want to start off by saying that it has been an absolute pleasure to interact with @SylvainM during the passaround. He reached out to me via DM shortly before I...
  2. Martyfish

    Bought Toyama Migaki Nakiri (180 or 210mm)

    Hi BST, I am looking for either a 180 or 210mm Toyama migaki nakiri, preferably within the EU. If you're looking to part with yours, please DM me the knife length and a price you'd be willing to sell it for. If the price is right, I'll request some photos (choil, tip and both blade faces) and...
  3. T

    WTB Toyama - Pairing Knife, Chinese Cleaver, Bloomery Iron, Fuguhiki, Honyaki Santoku, Honyaki Sujihiki

    Hey Guys! I want to make a WTB thread, with all the Toyamas im missing for finishing my collection. What im looking for; Toyama Kasumi Ko Deba 135mm Bought Toyama Ironclad Kasumi Pairing Knife 80mm Toyama Sakimaru Tabobiki 300-360mm Bought Toyama Ironclad Nakiri 180-210mm Bought Toyama Ironclad...
  4. dehory

    SOLD Konosuke FM Damascus B1 240, Jiro 225, Takada No Hamono Suiboku B2 240, Kono FM W2 150, Kato STD 240

    Knives have been traded and sold (see table below). The Kato STD has been withdrawn for now. Thank you to everyone who made such generous trade offers. I’d like to trade one or more of the following and primarily looking for: Kippington 210-270 in any steel or grind — lightly used 240ish...
  5. D

    SOLD A bunch of japanese knives -- Kato suji 270, Takamura uchigomo 210, Toyama damascus 270, Migoto White 1 240

    Hi Everyone, I am selling 3 nice knives. Some pics are attached below. I also attached a dropbox link where more pics in higher quality can be found. All prices include shipping. Kato Sujihiki 270mm brand new, never used. comes with box. 262 x 40mm 187g 1350 USD All pics...
  6. J

    Wire edge or bad technique?

    So I sharpen my knives since 2019, always got it sharp. Last year I become better and my knives got screaming sharp but the last 3 or 4 times my edge get dull after one prep. Don‘t know what it‘s wrong, some people said to me I have a wire edge. I bought a 25$ microscope on amazon to look at my...
  7. myguidingmoonlight

    WTS Toyama Damascus 240 gyuto, Tsubaya Y. Tanaka B#1 270 gyuto, Konosuke HD2 240 gyuto

    Selling these 3 wonderful knives to make some room in my collection for knives on the way. Toyama Damascus 240 Gyuto Specs: 241 mm x 55 mm Weight: 243 g True workhorse that is hefty yet cuts well, beautiful damascus in Toyama's famous blue #2. I gave it a gray kasumi finish which has some...
  8. myguidingmoonlight

    SOLD Toyama Stainless Clad 240 Gyuto, Gesshin Heiji Stainless 220 Gyuto, Munetoshi 240 Gyuto

    Letting 3 great knives go. Ships from Canada, payment through Paypal G&S, first $20 shipping covered by me. Toyama Stainless Clad 240 Specs: 244 mm x 54 mm, ~200 g Great cutter and great blue steel; it's a classic. It was stropped a few times on a Shapton 2k, but never went through a full...
  9. myguidingmoonlight

    SOLD Toyama Iron Clad

    Letting this beauty of a blade go, I haven't been reaching for it much lately, and a knife like this should have a good home. My Stainless Clad Toyama 240 has it beat in everything except that it can't produce the beautiful kasumi and patina of this 210 iron clad. I removed the old JNS handle...