SOLD 167x59mm Sanmai Nakiri

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Sep 30, 2014
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167x59mm Nakiri with a core steel in 26C3@64 rockwell. Jacket is low carbon iron. Polished to a near flawless finish on bench stones. Will be really easy to maintain and thin throughout its service.

Handle is Black Cherry Burl that I harvested from a forest being cut down. I saved all of the cherry burls there actually. After that I air dried them in raw burl form for 5 years, and then slabbed them, drying an additional few years until i finally began stabilizing. Pretty neat seeing that work in my work these days. The rest is a sliver of titanium and antique Bakelite from the 1930's. It will patinate over time to a rich butterscotch.

$450 shipped CONUS.
$420 shipped CONUS
$400 Shipped CONUS

$375 Shipped CONUS
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Q: Is there spine relief?

and does it match the very cool choil relief?
There is. I can take photos later in the evening. I am actually forging as we speak.
It’s a crime this hasn’t sold yet. To do a polish like that on mild steel cladding takes an enormous amount of skill. The grind looks great to. If I was a rectangle man I’d be all over this.
Apologies. SPF.

I do have a neat gyuto still available underneath this thread. If interested I could work something out via PM.
I already have a gyuto knife that I really like. Actually it's not specifically gyuto, it's a Takeda Sasanoha. I'll keep an eye out for any more Nakiri's. Thanks again.

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