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SOLD 235 mm forged-to-shape-everywhere deba

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Aug 29, 2018
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Edit: I've just full on sharpened it and the edge taking is actually really really really really nice and satisfying, so I'm keeping it. Another impulse sell I guess

Edit 2: feels like takagi blue honyaki in edge taking and sharpening feel . . .will sell it anyway

$95 shipped conus

235 heel to tip
66mm tall
7mm spine tapers quite a bit

Not the prettiest deba, not the straightest. Knife is definitely installed into the handle such that the knife tilts to the left. But uniquely, it has a forged ura, omote, spine and choil. Or ultra deep putting marks I guess. But I can't see grind marks, so I'm guessing it's forged. Okay actually now I can see the grind marks. It's kinda like tf. But so much of it is forged to shape and the nashiji is there for the most part. Still more so than any other knife I've used so far.

Steel is good but not legendary. Feels a lot like a Kanna blade. I'm thinking like blue 2. Does refine and catch in hair. Lamination line is very very low but there. Ni-mai, and there's a cladding line on the back. Rust on the edge and ura. There's some waviness to the edge. The ferrule is loose a bit but so cool. It seems to be forged iron.

The ura is not Sakai standard. . . It is a bit convexed very very slightly.

Of course I have no idea who the maker is. Just 3 dots on the back. I'll check the tang later



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