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Withdrawn Bangers Special - Kato, Fujiyama OG (Morihiro), FM, Kippington, Takada, Toyama, Kagekiyo

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Feb 13, 2023
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For your consideration I have this Black friday/Cyber monday special. My collection has grown beyond of what I initially though. I have run out space and honestly I have no time to use them all (home cook). The performance, F&F, etc of these knives have been covered in the forum several times but if you have any questions or need more pictures please let me know. I'll do my best to answer all PMs.

  • Prices for the Kato, Fuji, FM and Kipp are firm. I am selling the knives at cost + shipping and paypal fees.
  • CONUS only (I don't want the hassle of international shipping). Hawaii and Alaska shipping is on you; I'll cover the first $15 or $20.
  • All shipping includes insurance
  • I will give priority at those buying more than one knife.
  • No-Trades

1) Kato STD 240mm
  • Price: 1700 G&S or 1600 F&F
  • Measurements: 230mmx 50mm
  • Weight: 207gr
  • Condition: Knife is used but in great condition. Used twice by the previous owner and twice by me. It has original edge. Never sharpened nor stropped.

2) Konosuke Fujiyama (Morihiro - Wide bevel) 240mm B2 + Konosuke Tetsujin 210mm B2 (bundle)
  • Price: 1500 G&S or 1400 F&F
  • Measurements: Fujiyama 228mm x 51mm - Kono Tetsujin 202mm x 48mm
  • Weight: Fujiyama 180gr - Kono Tetsujin: 158gr
  • Condition: Both knives are BNIB never used


3) Konosuke FM (Myojin) 240mm W1

  • Price: 850 G&S or 800 F&F
  • Measurements: 234mm x 52mm
  • Weight: 167gr
  • Condition: BNIB never used.

4) Kippington Workpony 225mm 52100
  • Price: 720 G&S or 680 F&F
  • Measurements: 225mm x 55mm
  • Weight: 218gr
  • Condition: Knife is used, I bought it a month ago directly from Jules. This knife was used once to prepare a bolognese sauce this past week :) and it developed a patina. Happy to remove it. Never sharpenned nor stropped

5) Toyama Dama 240mm
  • Price: 650 G&S or 600 F&F
  • Measurements: 242mm x 52mm
  • Weight: 244gr
  • Condition: Got it from JNS. This knife has been used a few times. No sign of patina yet. This comes in a Kiri box. Never sharpenned nor stropped.

6) Gesshin Kagekiyo 240mm B1
  • Price: 550 G&S or 500 F&F
  • Measurements: 232mm x 51mm
  • Weight: 156gr
  • Condition: Got it from JKI. This knife has been used a few times. Very small sign of patina around the edge. This comes with original box and saya. Never sharpenned nor stropped.

7) Takada no Hamono 165mm Santoku Suiboku Ginsan
  • Price: 370 G&S or 350 F&F
  • Measurements: 165mm x 51mm
  • Weight: 137gr
  • Condition: BNIB never used.
Quick update, I’m still going through PMs but I think it’s fair to say:

Fuji/Tetsu bundle SPF
Kipp SPF
Takada Sold

Thanks everyone.
Quick update:
- Fuji bundle and Kipp are sold and are going to the same home (this member was very kind to me in a previous deal)
- Takada sold
- Kono FM sold

Knives should be heading to their new home in the next few days.

Kato, Toyama, and Kagekiyo still available.
Quick update. Toyama is sold, kagekiyo and Kato still available but might withdraw.
Damn, this post makes me wonder what on earth you're keeping, if this is what's for sale!
Hahaha I’m trying to get my collection down to 10 or 15 knives. I got 6 or 7 special knives that I’m keeping :)
Toyama Sold. I will relist the Kato separately and I'm keeping the kagekiyo

Thank you KKF.