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SOLD Big Aizu, Naniwa Pros, and more stones

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Jan 8, 2018
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San Francisco
selling off these stones because they're either soaking stones or redundant.

Sigma power select II 400 SOLD
Sigma power select II 1000
Suehiro 800 (barely used) SOLD
Gesshin 2000 (barely used) SOLD
Gesshin 3000 (barely used) SOLD
JKI 150 diamond plate SOLD
Chosera 10,000 (previous owner lacquered this stone to a base due to cracking. Cracks look ugly but haven't affected my use of the stone)
Shapton Glass 16,000 SOLD (barely used but the previous owner somehow cut into the stone. Cuts are shallow and to my knowledge and experience don't affect performance. If you did flatten the stone down to fully remove the cuts, I'd guess you'd have more than 80% left of the stone)

looking for $320 shipped CONUS for everything. Message me if interested in certain stones. I would like to sell them in at least groups of 3. Considering a new chosera 10K retails for $260, I'm hoping I priced this package fairly.


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more stones for sale. here's what I'm looking to offload:

SOLD naniwa pro 800, 20.3 mm thick
naniwa pro 1,000, 20.8 mm thick
naniwa chosera 10,000, 25 mm thick
SOLD naniwa super combo 1,000/5,000, 21.4 thick
SOLD sigma power select II 1,000, 26.4 mm thick
2 naniwa cleaning stones

aizu, broken into 3 pieces and glued back together on a metal base. I haven't felt any difference compared to an unbroken stone. 210 x 63 x 66 mm
shohonyama mukonochi tomae tamagoiro umegahata kyoto. these are just the words I was told when I got it in a trade. I have practically zero knowledge on naturals, so feel free to correct me. 100 x 72 x 18.3 mm max dimensions

asking $240 for what's left (shipping CONUS and fees included). If interested in a couple of stones, please message me which stones and your offer.


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I don't have any images at the moment. If they don't sell quickly, I'll try to get some images when I have more time on Sunday or Monday
also, please remember that I'm a complete noob at polishing using naturals


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Hey are there Ny problems when sharpening the Aizu since you glued it back?
I haven't noticed any difference with the cracks. It's worth noting that I just make sure to keep my edge not parallel to the cracks. And since the two cracks are parallel with each other, it's easy to make sure my edge doesn't dip into the cracks.