Blank blades WIP Thread.

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another winner....

Couldn't Resist! I just have to say wow this looks amazing -

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Gotta buy more of that vintage micarta. I really love the colors in that one. And the more reddish block is good too. I posted in the completed thread.

For anyone with a custom hidden tang, i didnt realize i only had 3 kitchen knife sized boxes left. I'm going to be mailing out the ones i left as soon as the new boxes get here.
Got some new stuff to try.

Various polishing compounds for my buffer. I think the blue one will be good for micarta.

And I always see people talking about pink scratches. So I bought a giant block of some from pferd. Also a random moss green kinda one that is supposed to be for stainless. It might be the same as this big giant similar colored bar of blending compound I got a while back.

Also got 2 airway buffing wheels... of I finally picked up a dedicated bench buffer. So I can stop using my bench grinder finally.

One of them is scotch Brite. Excited to try it out.
Hey just wanted to put this out there. In case anyone wants something. I have a decent sized piece of asp-2053 left over because I had to redo a blade. And used a bit less than half for that.

I'm going to make a 270ish sunihiki with the other bit.

Unless someone else wants something else on asp-2053. I will give people until around 4:30 or so central time. If you want something besides this suji in asp-2053 let me know.

I figured I should post this and see before i do it.