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A new completed handle for a customer's order for a Yoshikazu Tanaka. He chose curly redwood stabilized with an ebony ferrule and a nickel spacer, all in rokkaku hanmaru shape. The balance point is right on the heel. That wood look nice!

Really love the rokkaku hanmaru shape, it brings something different to the game.
Beautiful work as always
A new handle finished and really one of my favorites. A beautiful ebony wood with multiple veins of color, a textured brass cap and a glossy finish. It's a honyaki knife that hasn't been polished for a customer yet but I think it's going to be quite nice...

A new handle and this one is for me! I wanted to change the handle for my gyuto (again) and I'm starting to work a little more with the brass by creating texture. I love it, it shines! The wood is teak burl with a big taper just like I like it.

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First time I have seen teak burl used. Beautiful!
Thanks 🙂 It's one of my favourite wood because I like how it can look like old leather. This particular piece have some green/blue natural tint and I'm deeply in love with it. I have a bunch of it and they are all different, really nice species!