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  1. Martyfish

    Martyfish's Makeovers

    One of my hobbies is knife modifications and I wanted to create this thread as a centralised location where I can post all of my knife related content. A bit about me - I enjoy cooking and got tired of supermarket knives a few years ago, which lead to me purchasing my first high end knife, and...
  2. KasumiJLA

    Custom wa handle - Gallery of my creations

    Hi there 👋 I've been wanting to make this project a reality for more than two years and I finally found the time and the energy to do it. Very happy to share with you my future creations! Let's start with the first one: Material - Curly maple & black palm ring Diameter - 18,5 x 24 x 134...
  3. MSicardCutlery

    WTS Stabilized Maple Burl Wa handle

    Hello all, I'm halfway through stabilizing about 10lbs of maple burl destined to become handles. I cured the first half yesterday and could resist making one right away. This handle is 123mm long, 18mm X 21mm at the top tapering from 22mm X 24mm at the bottom. The handle has been oil finished...
  4. B

    WTT Takamura Uchigumo 210mm for Takamura Hana 180/210mm

    Hi All, Looking to trade knife purchased from below thread to a wa handled version: https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/a-bunch-of-japanese-knives-kato-suji-270-takamura-uchigomo-210-toyama-damascus-270-migoto-white-1-240.64016/#post-979737 Great seller, knife as described Purchased...
  5. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 4x Wa Handles: Leopardwood-Bloodwood-Purpleheart-Bocote

    Hello All, Here are some new handles in exotic woods. Of these I've only ever worked with purple heart up until now so it was an interesting experience to say the least getting a feel for the others (Bocote smells vaguely of pickles when you cut and sand it). They're all on the heavier side as...
  6. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 6x Wa Handles-Oak-Cherry-Maple

    Hello all Here's the remainder of the batch of handles I posted yesterday. I have 3 in cherry, 2 in red oak, and 1 in maple with some light figuring. They've all be sanded to 320 grit, oil finished, and buffed. In order of appearance left to right: (Type of wood, length, measurements at...
  7. J

    SOLD Fujiwara maboroshi nakiri 165mm 375 USD custom wa handle (EU)

    Price drop 300 USD Selling a fujiwara maboroshi nakiri 165mm. The handle is made by @letshandlethis And the nakiri just came back from spa treatment @sheffield_sharpening_shed The nakiri is better than new. Thinned and spine and choil rounded. The kasumi finish makes it super sexy😅 Looking...