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SOLD Custom hexagonal wa handle - Walnut, spalted maple burl ring & micarta spacers

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Custom wa handle & honyaki polishing
KKF Supporting Craftsman
KKF Supporting Member
May 7, 2023
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New handle is up for grab! This one is suitable for a santoku, nakiri or gyuto between 165~210mm. If you want it, just reach me via DM!

Price - 73$CAD + shipping
Material - Walnut, spalted maple burl ring & micarta spacers
Shape - Hexagonal
Height [front to back] - 22,9 to 25,7
Width [front to back] - 18,1 to 20,9
Tang opening - 3,7 x 12,8
Tang depth - 102,1
Length - 138,8
Weight - 30g
Finition - 400 grit and polymerized linseed oil

You will need to adjust the opening accordingly for the tang of your knife. Please make sure to remove your handle first and measure it before considering buying it. To fine tunes the opening I recommend using a rasp or a file.

I highly recommend using epoxy to install my handle. The tang heating method is not suitable for this type of construction because the bonding is made from epoxy. The high heated temperature of the tang can soften the glue and cause breakage. Of course feel free to contact me if you want some help!