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Aug 29, 2017
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Pacific Northwest
Making some new designs. I've been told to warn people who have seizures not to look.
Haha! You might get slightly hypnotised after a long prep session! o_O

If you have the time - would love to see more pictures and stuff about the process...
Do you just use standard wood glue for this then?

It doesn't kind of move about if the board gets wet and the wood expands slightly...?
Beautiful work! Love the "living" edge that you left on it ... amazing!

Is it standing on another of your boards or whomever was lucky enough to play with it? Love that one as well ...

Thank you!
The "living edge" is a durability experiment, but could be a new thing going forward. All edges are chamfered with a sharp chisel so there are no harsh edges.

The board its resting on is some beautiful yellow pine. I made that one over the summer. That was a labor-intense project, but well worth it. We call it "Zulu shields and zebra butts"
Love that description/name for the yellow pine board - perfect! ... after seeing that chevron board and you describe the other as 'labor intensive' I can only imagine (boggles the mind to get nature to obey the pattern) ... stellar work ...

I saw some similar boards and the dazzle I got from looking at them on screen was enough to make me not buy it, the sheer fear of cutting off a finger while my gaze is being drawn away.

Great work, nice designs!
but how can you cut on a surface full of those peaks and valleys??? :)

looks amazing btw. surprisingly convincing illusion.