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The answer is ALWAYS......TF obvs
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How much is the Wat? That's a really overpriced Hinoura.
Within a few bucks since the yen has dropped, I’m definitely wishing I had bought a second Hinoura when I got one to gift to my dad. But kinda tempted to get wat and see if the old man will trade for a month to get a feel for both

I do want to stay in the 165 I have one or two knives I use and rarely use anything longer.
Stock wat vs stock hinoura, I'd choose the Wat every time. If you're going to be doing major work on it, then I think the hinoura can be more comfortable due to the machi being generally wider. But then you're also comparing White2 to Blue2, and I'd also have to give the edge here to the watanabe.
Don't listen to @Nemo, he's one of them.


I'll bring this up just as a side note, if you're not already, just be aware that it is entirely possible (likely) that Watanabe does not make the Pro line and that they are made by Toyama. This changes nothing about the knife but may affect your perception. It does mine. I really liked the Watanabe allure (facade?) and was disappointed by the mounting evidence to the contrary of what was portrayed. To be clear, I own two Wat Pro knives to include a 180 nakiri and they are excellent. I think if I'd had this understanding going in I'd probably feel differently so that's why I mention it.

Even though I don't have a Wat Pro 165, it's really hard to recommend others in the same range. Like I said, both my Pro's are excellent.