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SOLD Edgerton 240mm "Spicy White" Honyaki

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Jan 27, 2020
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Edgerton 242 x 55mm gyuto
26c3 "spicy white" differentially treated blade to 65 HRC, right-hand S-grind
Ironwood burl octo handle with horn and brass spacer

This was a custom from Taylor Edgerton (@The Edge) last year. I was looking for a forward balanced, tall 240 with a profile similar to my Wakui, stiff spine, spacious grip area, an aggressive medium grind, and some bling features. The profile is relatively flat for the 2-3inches near the heel, but very gently eased so as not to have the sudden stop as you might experience with a Yoshikane. There is some belly which then rises to an average tip height. The spine is stiff along the length of the knife with distal taper down to a fine edge at the tip. Grind is gentle convex on both sides with an S-grind on the right. Behind the edge geometry is similar to my Wakui, which I would describe as a thin medium grind. I could feel comfortable beating on it without worry of chipping, but don't experience cracking/wedging on carrots. The steel takes an edge like a white steel, but with less reactivity and better edge retention. The handle is a beautiful piece of ironwood burl that I wasn't able to fully capture in the photos. The pinch area offers generous space for grip and handle is thick enough for my medium size hands.

I made some tweaks to the knife to modify the fit and finish. The knife came with a great working finish, but I polished it up to bring out the hamon line and also reduce drag while cutting. The choil area and spine are fully rounded on both sides. I also fine sanded and buffed the handle, and topped it with a couple layers of hard carnauba wax. I want to note that there's was a blemish on the top right side of the ferrule when the knife was made, which Taylor fixed with epoxy (see photos). It is completely smooth and does not catch on my fingernail. Taylor assured me that if there were any problems in the future, he would be happy to take care of it. However, it feels completely solid and I don't expect any issues.

$475 shipped & insured within US (international I can cover the first $15, PM for details)
Includes "custom" cheapo friction fit cardboard saya and matching storage box that I made

Blade length: 242mm
Height at Heel: 55mm
Weight: 264g
Balance: approx 15mm blade forward from the heel

Spine Thickness
Heel: 3.4mm
Midpoint: 2.6mm
1cm from Tip: 0.7mm









This is an older photo to show how the patina developed.
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